Liberating our Time

Interactive Workshop



Let’s reframe our relationship with time, to work, to rest, and community in 2023.

Together we'll focus on ways to be transactional with institutions and liberatory in how we treat ourselves and others. 

Your overwork, overwhelm, and exhaustion isn’t your fault. It’s not a personal failing, these institutions will eat you up. And, it’s by design, if we’re exhausted we’re not able to challenge systemic inequities and we don’t have the space to dream, create, find some peace and bring a new world into being. 

When we acknowledge this, when we feel it in our bones and refuse to accept it we can shift our time consciousness and truly begin to liberate ourselves and each other. 

What would it feel like to set your own schedule? To rest when you’re weary -without guilt? To trade juggling with presence?

Together we will:

  • Explore our own tangled relationships with time, productivity and self-worth
  • Address ways to divest from busyness and grind culture
  • Ways to subvert traditional time management tools to create more space in our lives
  • At an organizational level we'll share processes designed to help y'all develop more humane and equitable relationships to time, labor and power

Registrants will get access to the recording but we highly recommend attending live. There will be live closed captioning. If you purchase the $49/seat webinar only option, you will have access to the recording for 30 days. If you purchase the entire Whiteness at Work course for $149/seat, you will have access to the webinar and the course for 1 year.

Two ways to register

$49 for the workshop

$149 for the entire Whiteness at Work program to access recording

All Whiteness at Work participants get free access to our live quarterly sessions.

Reminder: if you're already enrolled in Whiteness at Work this workshop is free but you need to register using the link in your My Modules Page. The recording will be put in the portal. 

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