Time isn't Neutral: September Webinar

If you're attending the January Liberating Our Time workshop we recommend watching or listening to this training first.

Praise for w@w

I took Whiteness at Work as part of my role as a co-leader of my institution’s diversity council at an organization that is overwhelmingly white. I wanted to understand what unconscious biases I might have, how structural racism and white supremacy manifests in the workplace, and how I can use my position of power to try to help transform my organization to increase racial equity. This program helped me do all of that. One of my biggest takeaways is that we often want to jump right from identifying the problem to taking action, but that there is an important analysis step that cannot be skipped – otherwise we might actually cause more harm.

Briana Pobiner

Smithsonian Institute

The material covered in Whiteness at Work was comprehensive and exhaustive, the real life examples and scenarios made it easier to understand the discussed issues fully and with empathy. The speakers held a welcoming and inclusive space - I learned a lot and challenged many old and often unconscious beliefs rooted in white supremacy. Thanks to the course I feel much better equipped to navigate conversations about race, class, gender etc. at work.

Sara Wilczynska

Software Engineer


Without question, this was the most practical and direct program around creating an equitable, diverse, and inclusive workplace that I have experienced.  As a senior leader for a non-profit who struggles with this daily, I walked away with new and better interpersonal skills and a framework to lead change.  Non-profit workplaces are dominated by white culture, though we propose to serve and support communities of color. This series is a must-have for all non-profit leaders.  This isn't just about being a great place to work -- it's about being effective in our missions.  As nonprofits, there is no mission without equity. Desiree, Ericka, and Jessica taught us in a warm and genuine way, even though they never softened or shied away from the hard truths. This content allowed me to hold up a mirror, examine whiteness personally and as it exists in my organization.  And then gave me the skills and information I need to accelerate conversation to action.

Laurie Stradley

Chief Program Officer

Alliance for a Healthier Generation

This training changed me at my core. I thought of myself, being a white, liberal, gay woman that I was beyond reproach and was doing everything I could for my BIPOC friends and community. Boy, was I wrong. I’ve had my eyes opened, I have found my voice, and proved to myself that I am powerful enough to stand up and take action. I will always have more to learn but now I listen with new ears, I see with new eyes and I am committed to the work for the rest of my life.

Thank you for helping me find the way to becoming a better person, a better ally, a better leader, and a better friend.

Jane Berliner

Authentic Talent and Literary Management