Time Isn’t Neutral: Power, Time, and the Workplace



Date: September 29, 2022 (Thursday)

Time: 2 pm - 3 pm ET / 11 am - 12 pm PT

Free to attend, but must register. More details below!


Liberating our time is equity work.

Clock-time is a recent creation, the tool of colonization, industrialization, and white supremacy. Enabling a human being’s time to be measured, bought, exchanged or sold.

We trade our time for money.

Most of us have little say in how that time is treated, particularly those with non-dominant identities. Our bodies, cultural background, gender, class, race, ethnicity, geography, age, etc. all impact how we relate to time.

Time isn’t a neutral force in the workplace.

Workers must conform to western monochronic/linear expectations of time: the 40/60/90-hr work week, unrealistic deadlines, productivity goals, constant meetings, tasks completed over relationships nurtured, metrics for everything, etc.

In productivity, task and speed obsessed work environments we lose ourselves and each other. We lose nuance and connection, meaningful change work can't take root.

Creating equity requires us to have an analysis of time as a form of power.

Join us for this training to learn:

  • How colonization and the industrial revolution created time as we know it –a tool for exploitation
  • The fetishization of time management and managers as timekeepers
  • How racial and ethnic groups experience time differently
  • Cultural orientations (polychronic/monochronic) to time in the workplace
  • How the concepts of time famine, crip time, and community time can help shift your relationship to time
  • Strategies, recommendations, and subversive acts to liberate time

Invite a colleague, and we'll see you there!


  • Registrants will get access to the recording, a robust debrief guide to use with their colleagues and friends, and tons of resources.
  • There will be live closed captioning.
  • This is new content, different from any of our previous training sessions.
  • We highly recommend signing up with a group of colleagues.
  • Everyone who signs up will be able to attend live.
  • Organizations of all sizes are welcome and encouraged to attend!
  • It’s a jam-packed hour of learning, with no fluff or sales pitch

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